Carlo Sabelli


Master’s Degree in electrical engineering gained in Rome and Advanced School in Power System, sponsored by Westinghouse Corporation and Penn State University in USA.

He has more than 40 years of experience in the electricity sector, most of these as Manager in the major Italian Electricity Companies (ENEL, GRTN, TERNA). Till 2018 he has been Responsible of the international relationship with other TSOs for Terna S.p.A..

He has a particularly qualified experience in the field of planning, design and operation of electricity transmission systems (including protection, Substation Automation, EMS and SCADA Systems) and management of cross border power exchanges, having covered the role of Head of Dispatching Department and System Engineering.

Furthermore, as Director of Engineering Department at GRTN, he borne the responsibility of organizing the new Italian electricity Market and the related rules (in primis the Italian Grid Code).

After a ten-year convenorship in the European associations of transmission operators, until June 2017 Mr. Sabelli has been Chairman of the System Operation Committee in ENTSOE and Chairman of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee of ENTSOE.

He has been in the Board of Directors of CORESO and President of the technical Committee TC01 (Planning) of MedTSO.

Until June 2018 He has been active in GO15 in the position of Chair of various Committees and Working Groups since it was established.

He is also distinguished member of CIGRE and the main European and Italian industrial associations such as CEI, AEIT.

Currently, Mr. Sabelli is cooperating with CESI, where he has taken part as Project Advisor to various successful projects in the field of technical regulation.

Among the others, the Revision of the GCC Interconnection Authority Scope of Operational Studies, CASA 1000 Technical Code, AFESD Planning and Operation Codes, WAPP Grid Codes and Maintenance procedure optimization for Enel Green Power.