Giulio Marice


Key Specialties

· Energy & Risk Management
· Resource and Technology Strategies
· Market modelling and Grid analysis
· Market design advisory
· Regulatory & Policy Advisory

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, he started working at the Regional Energy Agency of Liguria and continued his work experience in AMGA Commerciale as trader and portfolio manager, after the merger with AEM Torino.

He took part in the design of power processes having actively participated in the development of the electricity supply chain within the Genoese utility.

At ERG Power & Gas, he was responsible for the Portfolio Management and Production Optimisation functions during the company’s entry into the electricity market.

After having actively contributed to the development of the wholesale area and having specifically followed the start-up of the Priolo Gargallo CCGT, he left the ERG group as Head of Energy Management to join Key to Energy as Head of Operations & Portfolio Management.

Other than supporting wholesalers and producers in the core activities on the energy market, he also manages projects related to complex electrical systems such as: Independent Networks and Closed Distribution Systems (SDC), Self-generation Systems and Efficient User Systems (SSPC).