Luca Piemonti


He has attended senior executive business programmes at prestigious national and international institutions (Bocconi, Harvard, IESE).

He began his professional career in the energy sector in 2001 with GRTN, where he was responsible for managing interconnections and actively participated in the set-up and launch of the electricity market.

He then moved to Acquirente Unico, managing relations with distribution companies during the start-up of operations on AU markets.

He arrived at Enel at the end of 2006 where he remained until 2012 as head of trading and management of the group’s power portfolio in Italy.

Amongst other things, he was actively involved in the development of OTC markets and launching market-making activities on the IDEX market.

In 2012, he launched a start-up company (Beetwin S.p.A.) active in the sale of electricity and natural gas to domestic end users as CEO.

In 2015, he joined Terna where he was appointed CEO of Terna Energy Solutions, a company active in the development of the Group’s non-regulated activities in Italy.

He was also CEO of the subsidiary Avvenia (energy efficiency) and Member of the Board of Tamini S.p.A. (production of transformers).

In 2020 he was appointed Director of Network Planning and Interconnections at Terna.

At Key to Energy since March 2022, he is in charge of external relations and business development.