Modesto Gabrieli Francescato


Graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Padua, he started his professional experience in 2002 in the electricity transmission sector first in GRTN and then in Terna, where he held the role of Grid Planning Manager, dealing with the preparation of the Development Plan and Market Analysis and managed consultancy projects for operators in the power market.

Member of the CIGRE ‘, he collaborated in the drafting of publications and scientific papers on technological development and strategic planning on long-term scenarios.

He has gained ten years of experience in ENTSO-e (European association of electricity transmission operators) collaborating in the preparation of the TYNDP ten-year development plans and in studies on demand scenarios and short- and long-term adequacy.

He worked in synergy with Med-TSO (association of electricity transmission operators in the Mediterranean area), carrying out coordination activities on network studies and the drafting of the 2020 Development Plan.

He has participated as a speaker in international conferences and seminars on topics related to grid and market modelling and simulations on long-term scenarios.

At Key to Energy he currently coordinates the team of analysts setting up market and grid scenarios and models to support technical consultancy in the electricity and gas sector.

In 2022 ARERA appointed him as expert verifier of the energy scenarios and projects of Terna Development Plan.