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Key services

We offer a full breadth of market and technical solutions in the energy sector.

We share ideas and collaborate closely with our clients across borders to seize new opportunities.

We innovate. We support our clients throughout their endeavours. We bring out the best from them, and we combine it with our own. We believe in the power of different points of view and effective debates.

Our clients are

  • Market Operators
  • Consumers and Consortia
  • Institutional
  • Investors
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • TSOs and DSOs
  • Utilities
  • Industrials
Energy & Risk Management2021-03-15T19:20:08+01:00

• Portfolio management
• Risk management
• Business strategies and business plans
• Business model development
• Growth strategies

• Scenario analysis
• Dispatching & Market Access
• Environmental strategies
• Market entry strategies

Resource and Technology Strategies2021-03-15T19:20:15+01:00

• Resource base evaluation and development
• Operational and organizational design
• R&D portfolio strategies

• Technology mapping
• Technology benchmarking
• Technology options evaluation
• Technology acquisitions

Technical Advisory & Due Diligence2021-03-15T19:20:22+01:00

• Renewable projects development & permitting
• Renewable energy production forecasting
• Energy efficiency, hydrogen & e-mobility
• O&M strategies and monitoring
• Storage

• Technical due diligence
• Plant services
• Private Grid configuration (CDS)
• Distributed generation / prosumer

Market and Grid modelling2021-03-15T19:21:12+01:00

• Market analysis and modelling
• Market forecasts
• Demand, supply, and cost analysis
• Price forecasting

• Industry cost curves
• Market regulatory frameworks
• Market scenarios evaluation
• Grid analysis and modelling
• Analysis of Levelized Cost of Energy and Total Cost of Ownership

Trading & Pricing2021-03-15T19:20:34+01:00

• Supply optimization
• Pricing strategies
• Contract negotiations

• Sourcing strategies
• Bidding strategies

Market Due Diligence2021-03-15T19:21:20+01:00

• Merge & Acquisitions
• Divestments
• Asset evaluation
• Business evaluation
• Project feasibility assessments

• Due Diligence (strategy, business, technical)
• Business vs. Asset evaluation

Market Design2021-03-15T19:20:47+01:00

Key To Energy can provide market design advisory and regulatory analysis on energy markets assessing impacts of evolutions on market operators within all the energy markets (power, gas, carbon, renewables, energy efficiency). Our service range goes from analysis, assessment and creation of market rules to IPP frameworks and PPA agreements.

Electricity, Gas & carbon Markets
• Spot and long-term market rules
• IPP frameworks and PPA agreements
• Interconnection management rules
• Trade platforms
• Retail market deregulation
• Policy/regulatory issues
• Tariffs models
• Analysis and creation of market rules, e.g. capacity allocation
• Retail market/deregulation policy/regulatory issue

RES & EE markets
• RES policies and incentives
• RES integration in the markets
• Energy efficiency policy
• Implications of smart grids and smart energy

Regulatory and Policy Advisory2021-03-15T19:20:53+01:00

Key To Energy has a wide experience in regulatory monitoring and in evaluating and design implementation policies for the energy sector.

Our service range goes from energy market rules (ST, LT, balancing), dispatching to Grid management, Tariffs structures and RES support schemes

• Conduct research and review evidence to understand client needs
• Perform analysis to identify emerging issues and priorities
• Evaluate gaps between targeted objectives and effective results
• Realize comparative assessments and benchmarks to identify best practices
• Perform costs & benefits analysis to select efficient actions

• Design of new frameworks and rules
• Assistance through internal and decision-making processes (e.g. drafting, governance, consultation, rule-making, etc.).
• Assist in effective coordination of implementation
• Assess operational impacts and KPI
• Evaluate performances

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